Thalia Follies - Americans: Who Are We?


In addition to sketches and songs on the days events, the May 2010 Follies at New York's Symphony Space created portraits of individual citizens to answer the question, "Americans: Who Are We?"  The all-star cast included Broadway legend Chip Zien and venerable author/actor Malachy McCourt.

Gregory wrote and performed three sketches:

-Apologizing Athlete, a pro athlete coming clean about his bad behavior.

-CNN Idol, a satire of increasingly attractive TV newscasters who deliver decreasing amounts of actual news.


-The Tragedie of Spitzer, starring New York's disgraced former governor as Hamlet (Chip Zien), with Mario Cuomo as Polonius (Malachy McCourt) and his son Andrew as Laertes (Gregory).

Staged and hosted as always by the indomitable Isaiah Sheffer, this season's show also included: Ivy Austin, Mary Brienza, Ami Vice, and Eric Poindexter.  Music director: Lanny Meyers.  Producer: Martin Sage.

The Thalia Follies continues to give Gregory the double thrill of writing and performing in a reliably sharp and funny take on current events.

Follies sketches

more photos

October 2008 Follies

cartoon: Mort Gerberg

photo #1: Chip Zien, Gregory, and Malachy McCourt backstage; by Regina Larkin

photo #2: Gregory and Malachy McCourt on stage; by Regina Larkin