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Gregory playing federal agent, enforcer, news anchor, doctor, detective, counselor, and motivational speaker ...

New Amsterdam

Gregory as Agent Bratton, an operative tracking a terror plot during Ryan Eggold's first day on the job in NBC's premiere episode of New Amsterdam.


Gregory plays a doctor in a courtroom showdown with Michael Weatherly (NCIS) on this CBS legal drama.

My Sordid Affair

Gregory plays one of the central characters, Detective Cliff, in this steamy cop drama for A+E Television.

Comedy Central: The Real Reason

Gregory had a blast doing this cameo as Doctor Peterson for Comedy Central's series The Real Reason.  Look for him around 1:57 of this little gem.

The Path

Gregory plays Saul, cult leader Hugh Dancy's new gatekeeper on season two of this Hulu dramatic series.

Madam Secretary

Gregory plays the recurring character FBI Agent Owen Wendt on this hit CBS drama.  In this episode, he sweats a terror suspect (James McCaffrey). 


Gregory as an FBI agent who clashes with Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller in the finale of Elementary's fourth season on CBS.

Comedy Central: Alternatino

Gregory as an over-amped record producer in Alternatino, a new show on Comedy Central.


Gregory plays Victor Garber's attorney in a contentious divorce hearing on this Starz original drama series.

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