Shakespeare Monthlong Intensive
Shakespeare & Company
Tina Packer, Dennis Krausnick
text analysis, scene work, sonnet work, Linklater voice, Alexander technique, movement, stage fight, Elizabethan dance
Ongoing Master Class  
technique and scene study
scene study and theatre history
Shakespeare Vocal Technique
  Kristin Linklater                                      voice and movement approach to text

Shakespeare Text Analysis


Joanne Camp, Pearl Theatre Company
meter, rhythm, antithesis, tone

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Acting


Tisch School Of The Arts, NYU
Todd London, theatre history
David Brimmer, stage combat

Semester abroad


Nikitsky Vorot Theatre, Moscow
Mark Rosovsky, Shakespeare



Todd Stashwick, Matt Higgins                 long form

Freestyle Rep                         Theatresports, game form

Acting credits

Writing credits