Liberty Mutual

Gregory as Everyman in a commercial for Liberty Mutual.


In this industrial film for IBM, Gregory plays a corporate chief who poses as a new hire to fix his company's problems, a takeoff on Undercover Boss.


Gregory plays a golfer with anger issues in this commercial for Penske.


Gregory as the hapless dad dealing with disgruntled kids on Christmas morning.

Gregory + Jeffrey Tambor = Sabra Commercial

Gregory as a football fan hogging all the Sabra hummus at a party.

Carnival Cruise - a series of spots

Gregory plays the all-American dad of a family desperate for a good vacation in this series of comedy spots.  

Gas X

Gregory as a secret service agent for a politician who has a stinky debate performance.

Macy's Commercial with Justin Bieber

Gregory plays a Macy's security guard who screams like a little girl when Justin Bieber walks into the store for their Black Friday sale.


Gregory plays a husband who is super-psyched with the performance of his IKEA kitchen appliances at a dinner party.


Gregory as a golf caddie who gives comically bad advice to his player, PGA Tour star Davis Love III.

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