Commercial V/O Reel

Gregory as the everyman announcer, the fun father, the avid birdwatcher, and more ...

Publix commercial: Announcer

Gregory as the Everyman voice of Publix supermarkets.

The Truth podcast: Submarine Captain

Gregory as captain of a cold-war submarine that's in too deep.


Newfields promo: Announcer

Gregory as the Everyman voice of nature and the arts for this PBS promo.

Hilton commercial: Comedy Son

Gregory as the good son who has to level with his aging dad about a touchy subject in this Hilton Hotels spot.

Uncanny County podcast: Grizzled Motel Owner

Gregory as a backwoods innkeeper in the Redneck-Twilight-Zone podcast Uncanny County.  


The Truth podcast: Cop

Gregory playing a cop on the beat confused by a precocious little girl.


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