Jumpman - The Making and Meaning of Michael Jordan: Narrator

Gregory brings to life Michael Jordan's cultural significance, viewed through a socio-political lens by sports history professor Johnny Smith.

One Square Mile of Hell: Narrator

Gregory gives voice to the heroes who sacrificed life, limb, and spirit in one of the most consequential battles of World War II.

Seth Rogen's Yearbook: Canadian Fireman

Gregory as a Canadian fireman in the audio version of Yearbook, Seth Rogen's hilarious bestselling collection of essays about his life and other weird s**t.

Commercial V/O Reel

Gregory as the everyman announcer, the fun father, the avid birdwatcher, and more ...

Survival Tails - Endurance in Antarctica: Narrator

Gregory voiced this young-adult version of Ernest Shackleton's historic South Pole trek as told by the sled dogs aboard his ship, the Endurance.

Publix commercial: Announcer

Gregory as the Everyman voice of Publix supermarkets.


Project A Audiobook: Narrator

Gregory as a detective who tracks a homicide all the way to the top of a criminal conspiracy in LA's dystopian future.

The Truth podcast: Submarine Captain

Gregory as captain of a cold-war submarine that's in too deep.


Hilton commercial: Comedy Son

Gregory as the good son who has to level with his aging dad about a touchy subject in this Hilton Hotels spot.


Magic Eaters audiobook: Narrator

Gregory as a 10-year-old boy who magically falls into a video game in Magic Eaters vs. The Angry Librarian, the first in a series by Connor Grayson.

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