Thalia Follies - Americans: Who Are We?

Gregory with the full cast: Mary Brienza, Rebecca Donner, Chip Zien, Ami Vice, Malachy McCourt, Eric Poindexter, Ivy Austin, and Isaiah Sheffer. 
Photos by Regina Larkin

"The Tragedie of Prince Spitzer" by Gregory, featuring him as Andrew Cuomo/Laertes with Malachy McCourt as Mario Cuomo/Polonius and Chip Zein as Eliot Spitzer/Hamlet
"CNN Idol" by Rebecca Donner and Gregory 
"Take Your Kids to Work Day" Lyrics by Sharon Lerner and Emily Perl Kingsley

"The Tea Party Diners"

by Chip Zien


"Sino the Times"

by Lanny Meyers

"Fatty Boombalatty" by Mary Brienza
"Apologizing Athlete" by Gregory
"Shrimp Boats" (about the BP oil spill) by Martin Sage
  Donner and Gregory under the theatre marquee