Uncanny County podcast: Grizzled Motel Owner

Gregory as a backwoods innkeeper in the Redneck-Twilight-Zone podcast Uncanny County.  


This episode, Coulrophobia (fear of clowns), tells the creepy tale of an innocent couple that checks into Gregory's creaky old clown-themed motel. He warns them "no funny business," but they just can't resist!

Bonus clips:

Created by Alison Crane and Todd Faulkner, Uncanny County is an audio anthology of dark humor and darker secrets.

Coulrophobia was written by Todd Faulkner, produced by Faulkner and A.J. Cermak, and mastered by Anthony Thompson.  Jessica Walker is the executive producer.

Featured voices: Gregory as Buddy, Alison Crane as Susan (pictured above), Tom Bartos as Ted (pictured above), and Nicole Greevy as Sheriff Rowland.  Additional voices: William Franke, Ron Sanborn, Colleen Lis and Todd Faulkner.

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