Gregory playing doctor, enforcer, gatekeeper, counselor, and motivational speaker ...

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Gregory was honored to share the frame in these clips with:

Bull (CBS) Michael WeatherlyFreddy Rodriguez, Tom Lipinski, Dena Tyler, Saidah Arrika Ekulona, Gameela Wright, Ami Sheth, Faron Salisbury, Richard Saudek, Sandra Fay Williams, and Marlon Perrier

The Path (Hulu) Michelle Monaghan, Rockmond Dunbar, Patch DarraghDeirdre O'Connell, and Peter Friedman

Madam Secretary (CBS) James McCaffrey and Avery Glymph 

Veep (HBO) Julia Louis-DreyfusTony Hale, Sarah Sutherland, Mo GaffneySuzy Nakamura, and Patricia Kalember

Power (Starz) Victor GarberSonya Walgerand Aimee Mullins

The Americans (FX) Matthew Rhys, Keri Russell, and Michael Bakkensen

Alternatino (Comedy Central) Arturo Castro and Brendan Fitzgibbons

American Odyssey (NBC) Peter Facinelli and Rey Lucas

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