Madam Secretary

Gregory plays the recurring character FBI Agent Owen Wendt on this hit CBS drama.  In this episode, he sweats a terror suspect (James McCaffrey). 

Avery Glymph plays Greg's partner in the interrogation room while Tim Daly (pictured left), Roslyn Ruff, and Arian Moayed look on through the mirrored glass.  

Directed by Martha Mitchell, this episode of Madam Secretary follows Daly's efforts to thwart a terror plot while his wife, the Secretary of State (Tea Leoni pictured below), struggles to avert an international incident. 


Gregory returns five episodes later in season three, this time to interrogate a terrified Michael Mulheren about covert weapons trafficking.

Tea Leoni convinces the FBI Director (Michael Boatman) to pull me and my partner (Bowman Wright) out of the room so she can personally take over the interview ...

This episode was directed by James Whitmore, Jr., and and Executive Produced by Eric Stoltz (pictured left).




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