Thalia Follies: "How Do We Make Fun of Obama?" song

Jane Curtin (second from right) sings about the crisis every comedian faces right now -- how to send up a President so seemingly smart and smooth after years of easy target practice on Bush.

With lyrics by Gregory and music by Leenya Rideout, the Obama song was performed in October 2008 as part of The Thalia Follies at Symphony Space in New York City.  Isaiah Sheffer directed the sketch-and-song show, produced by Martin Sage. 

Inspired by the longest election cycle in American history, this edition of the Thalia Follies was dubbed, "At Last - An Election!"

From left: Leenya Rideout, Mary Brienza, Kathryn Markey, Gregory, Ivy Austin, Marion Cowings, Jane Curtin, and Isaiah Sheffer.  Music by David Buskin, Jay Leonhart, and Lanny Meyers.