Wrath of Kings

Here’s a sneak peek at the making of Wrath of Kings …

When new men's cable channel DudeTV recently announced its first lineup, the show that instantly captured the public's imagination was Wrath of Kings. 

A swords-and-sandals action drama, Wrath aimed to beat Game of Thrones at its own …game.  Heavier swords, bloodier carnage, nuder nude women: Wrath of Kings would slay all foes in the genre!


Director - Gregory

Writers - Brian Hotaling, Sparky Rogers, and Ted McCracken

Actors - Eric Deskin, Darin Guerrasio, Charles Everett, and Rob Gorden

Produced by Gregory, Title and logo by Pamela Jaber

The Casting Sessions: Darin Guerrasio

The Casting Sessions: Rob Gorden

The Casting Sessions: Eric Deskin

The Casting Sessions: Charles Everett

 Writers Room Outtakes: Brian Hotaling

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