Carnival Cruise - a series of spots

Gregory plays the all-American dad of a family desperate for a good vacation in this series of comedy spots.  

Gregory on Broadway

Gregory played Larry Bird in Magic/Bird, a new Broadway play about the rivalry and friendship of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.  Hamilton's Tony-winning Thomas Kail directed.  (read reviews)

Macy's Commercial with Justin Bieber

Gregory plays a Macy's security guard who screams like a little girl when Justin Bieber walks into the store for their Black Friday sale.

Gregory in HBO's Too Big to Fail

Gregory plays English bureaucrat Hector Sants in the critically-acclaimed HBO movie Too Big to Fail, starring William Hurt, Billy Crudup, Paul Giamiatti, James Woods, Topher Grace, Cynthia Nixon, and Tony Shalhoub.

Gregory in New Comedy Central Series

Gregory appears in Episode 2 of the Comedy Central series, Onion SportsDome.

Originally aired in early 2010, SportsDome sends up sports media in American culture the way The Onion has been doing in its satirical newspaper and Web site for years.

In Episode 2, Gregory plays a tennis coach whose enthusiasm gets the better of him.

Gregory in Award-Winning Movie at Toronto International Film Festival

Stake Land, a vampire movie featuring Gregory, won the Audience Award for its category at the 2010 Toronto International Film FestivalIFC, Dark Sky Films, and Glass Eye Pix distributed the film nationwide and on demand.  It is now available on DVD.

Gregory Plays George Washington in World Premiere

Gregory has been cast as General George Washington in the world premiere of Yorktown, a drama set during the climactic battle of the Revolutionary War.

Gregory Stars Again in the Thalia Follies

Gregory wrote and performed in the May 2010 Thalia Follies with Broadway standouts like Chip Zien and Ivy Austin.

Film Featuring Gregory Selected by VISIONFEST in Tribeca NYC


Nobody's Business, a short film starring Gregory as best friend to a troubled Rob Skolits, was selected by VISIONFEST in New York City for its 2010 festival lineup.

Gregory Performs at Columbia Grad Film Festival


Gregory was cast as Jack Donaghy, the imperious boss played by Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock, in a spec script of the show selected for honors at the 2010 Columbia University Film Festival's Screenwriting Night.

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