Person of Interest

Gregory plays a Wall Street exec who gets into a bar fight with James Caviezel in Person of Interest, the CBS action/crime series from JJ Abrams.

from left: James Carpinello, Gregory, Jim Caviezel, and Charles Borland; photos by John Filo ©CBS

Starring Emmy-winner Michael Emerson (Lost) and James Caviezel (The Thin Red Line), Person of Interest centers on a scientist and an ex-CIA hitman who team up to prevent crimes before they happen.

Gregory plays a Wall Street bully in episode three of the first season, "Mission Creep."  He and fellow banker Charles Borland pick a fight with Caviezel and an Iraq war veteran (James Carpinello). 

This scene was shot on location in Brooklyn by the venerable director Steven DePaul (NCIS, CSI, Bones) and written by Patrick Harbinson (24, L&O:SVU, Homeland).

This TV role marks the second time that Gregory has played a banker.  He also appeared as financial regulator Hector Sants in HBO's Too Big To Fail.

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photos by John Filo ©CBS