Boris and the Really Boring Books


Boris and the Really Boring Books, written by Gregory and his nine-year-old daughter Hannah, is about a grade-schooler who hates reading but gets trapped in a library one dark and magical night ...

art by Hannah Jones

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Boris is a young boy like so many children nowadays, at home in front of a screen: TV, computer, Gameboy, cellphone, you name it.  To actually pick up a dusty old book and, like, read it is so boring.  One day, though, Boris gets stuck in the library when a storm knocks out the electricity, and the books come to life!  Can Boris make peace with the written word before it’s too late?

Exploring early-childhood literacy in a fresh and entertaining way, this hour-long play features three women and three men switching between multiple parts.  The rollicking fantasy elements, however, do not require a big production budget.  In keeping with the play's theme of how imagination can bring words to life, Boris and the Really Boring Books relies on actor and audience to create the magic. 

The young co-author keeps the child’s perspective central throughout the play.  At the same time, all parents can identify with the theme of “screen time” versus “reading time” in a society overflowing with flashy alternatives.

Children age five to 12 will love playing with Boris and his unexpected friends.

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art by Hannah Jones