All Time Hits


Gregory's multi-voiced two-hander, All Time Hits, mines the hidden deposits of loss and isolation in all of us.  Filling the air with amplified sound yet using no recordings, only the live human voice, this piece creates a literal echo chamber to show how crowded loneliness can be.

All Time Hits tells the story of a radio DJ pushing thirty who realizes one night that maybe he should have zigged when he zagged in life.  While waiting for the next DJ to relieve him on the midnight shift, Bert gets two phone calls that change his life and throw him into a state of shock that floods his mind with memories.  A stranger, his alter ego, appears and embodies this onslaught of flashbacks.  Bert must make a life-altering decision, and he has to do it before the next song runs out.

One actor plays our hero while another actor flies around him playing all the voices in Bert's head.  All Time Hits, though funny, touches on serious themes and ideas: the road not taken, an adult son's inability to change his parents childhood view of him, the impact of technology on human connection, and the emotional life of a culture that relies on pop songs for epiphany. Also, the play is a lot of fun: full of light-hearted mayhem, a rich tapestry of characters, and the potential for an extremely theatrical design.

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image by Gregory Thomas Christopher