The Truth podcast: Sub Captain BONUS CLIP 2

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Gregory as captain of a cold-war submarine that has gotten in too deep.  In this scene, Gregory tries to reason with an insubordinate officer (Chris McKinney).

"A Drop in the Ocean," written by Louis Kornfeld and Chris Kipiniak, also includes the voice talents Russell G. Jones, Billy Griffin, Jr., Reynaldo PiniellaMichael Cullenand the improv team Eagelfox.  Engineer, Ernesto Valenzuela.

This and all episodes of The Truth podcast are produced, directed, and sound designed by Jonathan Mitchell with assistance from Kerry Kastin.  It is an independent production creating original stories. Many of the actors perform and teach at Magnet Theater in New York City.

The music on this episode comes from Margo Seibert (vocals) and Michael Kanan (piano), performing "Deep Purple," lyrics by Mitchell Parish, music by Peter DeRose

A founding member of Radiotopia from PRX, The Truth stories have been broadcast all over the world, and featured on programs like This American Life, All Things Considered, Planet Money, Studio 360, and Snap Judgment.

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