Two Rooms


Gregory played the conflicted reporter Walker in the Vineyard Playhouse production of Lee Blessing's newly resonant 1988 play, Two Rooms.  As a husband sits hostage in a dirt cell in the Middle East, a wife waits in a room of their house in America. 

She refuses to leave her room until he is allowed to leave his.  Meanwhile the forces of global politics and media take their pound of flesh from both prisoners.

Vineyard Playhouse is always a lovely place to work, because of Artistic Director MJ Bruder Munafo's consistently courageous choices for the summer season as well as the island's idyllic setting. 

Originally written during another era's hostage crises, Blessing's play hits post-9/11 audiences right in the heart.  The reviews were wonderful.

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Photo #1: Gregory with Brooke Hardman; Photo #2: Gregory with Peter Stray, and Hardman.  Photos by Sally Cohn.