Danny and the Deep Blue Sea


Once in a great while a group of artists come together for a project, and magic blows the roof off the theatre.  Though strangers on day one, it's as if they had been working together their whole lives.  That was Gregory's experience of doing John Patrick Shanley's rage-fueled ode to love at Vineyard Playhouse in 2005.

Director Jon Lipsky, a professor of theatre at Boston University, matched Gregory with Adrianne Krstansky, a theatre professor at Brandeis.  As the storm-tossed Danny and Roberta who meet not-so-cute and ride through a violent night of love and hate, Gregory and Krstansky just clicked.




Laced with profanity and teeming with inner city grit, our Danny and the Deep Blue Sea somehow managed to woo the suntanned theatregoers of Martha's Vineyard. 

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photos: Gregory and Adrianne Krstansky, by Sally Cohn