Gregory as everyman with heartburn in this Prevacid "photomatic" commercial, a sequence of still photos strung together in stop-motion.


Gregory as a dad dealing with his cute yet misguided daughter.  This little actress is almost the same age as Gregory's own child, a bit of type casting. 


Gregory as the classic Dad with Tools.

Food Network promo with Guy Fieri and Sandra Lee

Gregory as a befuddled barbecue dad who gets cooking tips from Food Network stars Guy Fieri and Sandra Lee


Gregory as an office worker (in the purple sweater) who watches his boss hit the deck during a meeting.  Geoffrey Cantor and Andrea Rosen also star in this edition of the legendary easy-button ad campaign.

Bank of America

Gregory as the VooDoo Guy who seems to haunt every sporting event. 


Gregory plays a ninja falling from the sky to give a testimonial in RadioShack's famous Red Chair.

National Aquarium

Gregory plays a construction worker taking a walk with a little friend.  But the friend, Christopher Trunell, is not walking. 

Long John Silvers

Gregory plays a hungry pit crew man for racing star Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

New York Lotto

Gregory plays a frenzied Christmas shopper who receives swift retribution from a little old lady he out-reaches for a sales item. 

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