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Madam Secretary

Gregory plays the recurring character FBI Agent Owen Wendt on this hit CBS drama.  In this episode, he sweats a terror suspect (James McCaffrey). 


Gregory as an FBI agent who clashes with Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller in the finale of Elementary's fourth season on CBS.

Comedy Central: Alternatino

Gregory as an over-amped record producer in Alternatino, a new show on Comedy Central.


Gregory plays Victor Garber's attorney in a contentious divorce hearing on this Starz original drama series.


Gregory plays a secret service agent who flies into action to protect Julia Louis-Dreyfus on this hit HBO series.

American Odyssey

Gregory as a cold-blooded corporate attorney who faces off with Peter Facinelli in this NBC drama.

The Americans

Gregory plays a CIA agent caught between Matthew Rhys, Keri Russell, and some foreign "assets" on the hit FX drama.

Stake Land

Stake Land, a vampire movie featuring Gregory, won the Audience Award for its category at the 2010 Toronto International Film FestivalIFC, Dark Sky Films, and Glass Eye Pix distributed the film nationwide and on demand.  It is now available on DVD.

Person of Interest

Gregory plays a Wall Street exec who gets into a bar fight with James Caviezel in Person of Interest, the CBS action/crime series from JJ Abrams.

National Coffee Day

Gregory as an over-caffeinated husband celebrating a totally made-up holiday.

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